Project FAITHH

Addressing HIV Prevention in the Deep South


Project FAITHH

Faith-based Intervention to Heal HIV/AIDS (FAITHH), aimed to decrease HIV/AIDS related stigma in rural Alabama, both individually and congregationally, by implementing a faith-based HIV/AIDS anti-stigma curriculum among African American congregations. The study utilized a program with a conceptual framework that addressed HIV/AIDS stigma, fear, and denial (SFD). Through this, SFD were targeted and decreased through community empowerment, cultural competence, skill development and social action. We also aimed to encourage Pastors to increase HIV/AIDS knowledge and prevention activities through their church, improving interactions with people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). From both individual-level and congregational-level measurements, findings suggest that African-American churched may be poised to aid HIV stigma reduction efforts.

This project was funded by a four-year Minority AIDS Research Initiative from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Project FAITHH Training Manual

Some organizations that have used the Project FAITHH Training Manual include:

Southern AIDS Coalition
Gilead Compass Faith Coordinating Center
Wake Forest Divinity School
California Department of Health
University of Washington

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